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Werewolf Romance! Author Interview!

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this week’s featured author! I had the privilege of interviewing author Danielle Paquette-Harvey, and talking about her werewolf romance novel, “The Prophecy.”

My first question for author Danielle Paquette-Harvey was - of course - how she had gotten into writing in the first place! Here’s what Danielle had to say!

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to be a writer. Things didn’t turn out how I wanted them to be and I ended up choosing another career path. However, I’ve never stopped writing and that desire to write has always been inside me. Years later, I decided that I wanted to live my dream and become a writer.”

I’ve recently started a new WIP, and I’m having some trouble choosing the perfect name for one of my characters. So, I asked Danielle Paquette-Harvey how she chose the names in her books. I had seen a street sign in a town near me called ‘Bobby West’ and I thought it sounded like a cool name! LOL

Here’s Danielle’s answer!

“In my first book I simply chose names that I liked. For my demon, however, I picked one from Greek mythology. In my second book I decided to name two of the main characters after my kids. And when I need a fantasy character’s name (like for an elf or a vampire), I consult fantasy names generator, but usually end up modifying it if it’s not exactly to my desire.”

Next, I asked author Danielle Paquette-Harvey what her favourite type of scene is to write, and why. I absolutely loved her answer: check it out!

“My favorite kind of scene to write is a love scene. Romance just makes my heart beat stronger. It’s always an important part of my books. I want the reader to be able to feel the emotions when they’re reading it as well. Love is such a beautiful and strong emotion.”

Writers will get story ideas in the most random places and moments. I always love hearing each author’s answers, and the one we all seem to share as authors is waking up in the middle of the night to write something down, or just writing in general because some great idea popped up just before falling asleep! LOL

Here’s what author Danielle Paquette-Harvey said!

“I usually get my ideas everywhere except when staring at my page. I often have to get up at night, because I’ve just thought of a great idea, and I don’t want to lose it. I’ll go write some notes about it, or else I can’t fall back asleep. I also get ideas in the shower, but it’s harder because I need to remember it until I’m done before I can take a note about it.”

Before concluding our interview I asked author Danielle Paquette-Harvey to tell everyone a bit about herself, and to let us all know if she had anything new coming up soon to check out!

“I live in Montreal. I was a software developer for a few years. I am now a database administrator. So, my day job is very technical and geeky. I’m also a gamer. I love to read books (obviously) but also draw and paint and play music. I try to stay healthy and train when I have some free time. I’m also a mom and I love animals. I have two cats and a dog.”

“I’m currently working on a small poetry book. Those poems will portray love, desire, treachery, deceit; all the kinds of emotions and things that can happen in relationships.

I’m also working on the sequel to Age-Old Enemies. The book will be called A Beloved Sin. It will, once again, be a vampire and werewolf romance novel. It’s got a dark tone to it and you will get to see things from the demon’s point of view as well. I’m aiming to have it ready in March 2022 if everything goes according to plans.”

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Huge thank you to author Danielle Paquette-Harvey! I wish you all the best for your writing journey, and I can’t wait to see what you come out with next!

Come back next week for a new featured author, AJ Hard!

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