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Interview with romance author, Aquila Thorne!

Good evening, everyone, and welcome to this week’s feature: romance author Aquila Thorne! I was so excited and pleased to interview author Aquila Thorne, having read “Pearl Lake” series, and absolutely loved it, giving author Aquila Thorne all 5 stars!

To kick off this week’s author interview I asked author Aquila Thorne what inspired her to start writing! Here is what Aquila Thorne said!

“I always enjoyed reading and started off with historical romance. I loved being taken off into another time and that’s what inspired me.”

That would definitely be inspiring! Rolling right into my next question for author Aquila Thorne: What steered her towards writing in the romance genre? Here is what author Aquila Thorne said!

“My characters. They are in charge!”

LOL. Great answer, and I completely agree, some of those characters have a mind of their own! 😉

My next question for author Aquila Throne was about where she gets all her fantastic story ideas. Here’s what Aquila said!

“As strange as it sounds, I don’t get ideas. I sit at my laptop and just like my readers, I’m immersed in my characters’ world.”

Not so strange, I can see that. I like to think of my writing as if I’m watching it play out like a movie. It’s fun that way because you never know what’s going to happen next! Moving along in our interview, I asked author Aquila Thorne if she could tell us a bit about her own personal writing journey!

“Writing is the easy part for me. When I’m focused, from the first word to getting my work into the hands of my beta readers, the book will take me a couple of months. It’s the marketing that’s the tough part. It’s a time suck that could be better used writing.”

I have to agree with this as well. Marketing is tough, and is definitely time consuming! That brings me to my next questions in our interview. Writing for sure takes time, so I wondered if author Aquila Thorne could tell everyone a bit about her life at home! Here is what Aquila Thorne said!

“I’m mom to two awesome adults and have 3 grandchildren. My husband and I still live in our hometown in Southern Ontario with a gorgeous beast of a dog and 5 cats.”

Last in our interview, I asked author Aquila Thorne if she had any new works coming out soon, or if she was working on the next exciting romance novel!

“I’m working on a couple of projects. The first is Lane’s Destiny, the 6th novel in the Pearl Lake series, releasing in September 2022. The next doesn’t have a title yet, but if you’re into the paranormal, you might want to keep an eye out for it!”

This is exciting news I had the pleasure of learning in our interview! Having read author Aquila Thorne’s work, I cannot wait to check out a paranormal story! I will be keeping a close watch for that one!

A huge thank you to author Aquila Thorne for everything, and I wish her all the best on her writing journey! To find author Aquila Throne’s witty, steamy romance novels click the link below!

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