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The Beautiful Art of Meditation! Author Interview!

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this week’s featured author, Andrew King!

I have to admit, I was beyond excited to start my interview with Andrew King. I have recently started meditating to help clear my mind for writing purposes, but found I loved it for so many other reasons as well! I’m a high strung person, and my mind doesn’t like to slow down for anything. I found that meditating for at least 10-15 minutes a day helps me focus on one thing, rather than my mind wandering all over the place. So, naturally, my first question for Andrew King was how he got into researching the art of meditation and what inspired him to write a book about it. Andrew King had a simple answer: here’s what he had to say!

“I was searching for a way to stop headaches that did not involve taking aspirin.

I was having great success with meditation and I wanted to share it with other people so they could feel better as well.”

I know that a great meditation session takes time, patience, and practice, but once you are able to open your mind and relax, meditation can be useful in many ways, including the healing of the human body and soul. I asked Andrew King how meditation has helped him personally, and if he could explain a bit of his journey turning his research into a helpful read for others. King says:

“I can repeatedly control headaches and accelerate healing injuries of all sorts.

I collect ideas as topics and list short phrases connected to the idea.

Next I take the phrases and organize them into an outline that explains the idea.

After that I arrange the outlined ideas into a process that strings them together in a logical order.

With those outlined pieces I write out chapters that cover the idea.

Each chapter focuses on a particular topic and the related pieces from the outline.

The chapters form parts of the whole meditation process so the reader can see how it breaks down.

The chapters work together to provide instructions on how to create repeatable results.

Then I rewrite the chapters to strip out the excess stuff and materials that are covered in other chapters to reduce overlap.

With a clear manuscript I work with an Illustrator to come up with pictures that capture some aspect of the each chapter.

With all those pieces put together the last step is typesetting.”

Meditation can be extremely relaxing and help in many ways, but it can also be tricky to get started. When I first gave it a try I turned to YouTube for some beginner advice. A step by step guide would have been great, although I did figure it out at some point. This is where the patience comes in. If you are thinking of giving meditation a try, my advice to you would be to not give up. It takes time, but is worth the wait once you get into a groove.

Next, I asked author Andrew King to tell us a bit about himself, and to fill us in about anything new he has coming out soon! King says:

“I have an average life working as an engineer, and I spend my off time practicing martial arts and fixing cars and remodeling houses. I live in California, which gives me opportunities to go hiking, camping, and scuba diving. I have been putting together another book as a follow-up to the current one. The new book builds on the first and introduces more tools to heal the body even faster. Meditation brings me a lot of joy that I want to share.”

If you’re going to give it a try, author Andrew King’s book is the perfect starting point! His easy to follow steps can help guide you to what you’d like to get out of meditation! You can find more information on author Andrew King, and his brilliantly put together guide to the world of meditation at the links below! Check out Andrew’s website, it’s absolutely amazing!

The book is sold on Amazon Kindle

And a related account on Instagram

I also have a website and I am in Goodreads too

Author Andrew King email contact ( and (

Next Sunday's feature will be author Danielle Paquette-Harvey!

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