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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to a special edition of author interviews! I’m posting this interview today instead of Sunday, in celebration of my birthday! I figured, what better way to spend my b-day than talking with everyone about ROMANCE books! Woot Woot!

For my special “Featured Author,” I have chosen the author of multiple romance novels, Dana Pratola!

Dana Pratola has quite a few novels to choose from, and with all kinds of romance! Sweet and sappy, hot and steamy 😉 and even fantasy romance that’s out-of-this-world! Sounds perfect to me, or right up my alley. LOL

I’ve decided to change things up a bit for today’s interview. I’ll still go through the interview questions I had planned for author Dana Pratola, but I will also highlight as many of her fantastic romance novels as I can, adding in links as I go!

The series, “The Journal of Voren” Book one "Kings & Captives" is one of the first books that caught my attention! The beautiful covers are enough to captivate anyone, but the blurbs are excellent for all three books in the series! Check it out!

To kick off the interview, I asked author Dana Pratola to tell everyone a bit about herself!

“I live in NJ with my husband and dog, Lola. My kids all live close by. No grandkids yet, but I’m okay with that, LOL. My husband, however, is so used to spoiling Lola that he’s looking to expand. I LOVE writing, so that’s about all I do.”

The next book in author Dana Pratola’s fabulous collection I’d like to highlight is her sweet romance titled, “K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” Have a look here!

Next for my interview with author Dana Pratola was finding out which type of scene she enjoys writing best! Here is what she had to say!

“That’s hard. I love love scenes, but moments of sexual tension or emotional intensity are just as juicy to write. Oh, and I love battles.”

I also love writing love scenes! LOL! I would have to say my favourite, though, is an epic battle scene!

Even though Christmas has come and gone, I’m still sitting in a winter wonderland here in Canada! LOL! I thought author Dana Pratola’s romance novel “A Thankful Christmas,” looked perfect to curl up with in front of the fire! Have a look!

Getting back to our interview, I next asked author Dana Pratola what inspired her to start writing!

“I always loved to read, and writing just seemed the natural next step. I remember trying to develop stories as soon as I could hold a pencil. It’s just always been there.”

I absolutely love romance; I think I’ve made that pretty clear! LOL. A paranormal romance, however, will catch my eye quite quickly! Which is why I’d like to share author Dana Pratola’s next title, “The Haunting of Josiah Kash.”

My next question for romance author Dana Pratola was if she wrote any true events or real people into her novels! Here is author Dana Pratola’s scary answer!

“Occasionally, yes. The best example is in The Covering where Gunnar is in his car and is almost hit by a dump truck running a red light. My son was almost hit the same way. Scary.”

As a mom of four myself, that would be very scary, indeed! Since I learned there’s some fact in “The Covering” let’s have a look at the book now!

To conclude my interview part of the feature, I asked author Dana Pratola to let us know what she’s working on now, and if we can expect a brand new romance coming soon! Her answer was so exciting!

“I’m working on about 5 different books, including book 4 of my Journals of Voren series. But my latest book to be released is WEAKNESS, and wow, I loved writing that!”

Author Dana Pratola has many heart-melting romance stories to choose from, and those were just a few that caught my eye! This time, I’d like to hear what everyone else thinks!

Which of author Dana Pratola’s beautiful romances will you choose?! Let me know in the comments!

Follow author Dana Pratola on social media and check out more ratings on Goodreads!

Thank you so much, author Dana Pratola, for a fantastic interview, and being the special feature for today! I wish you all the best, and can’t wait to see your new release, “Weakness”!

Thank you to all the readers out there; it’s been a blast sharing with you today! Remember, the best gift you can give an author is a review! Also, author Iannah Roberts is doing a free book event on amazon! Don't pass up this incredible chance to grab a copy now!

Come back on Sunday for my next featured author, Faith M. Troyer!

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