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Paranormal Romance...with kick-ass werewolves! Author interview

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back from a two week break! This week’s featured author is Keylee Hargis, author of paranormal romance, or ‘badass werewolves with hot alphas’, as one of her many five star reviewers say! I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge sucker for romance, but add a little supernatural in there, and that’s my perfect read! So, I was super excited to interview Keylee Hargis and learn more about her and her fantastic series called “The Bond Series,” the first title being “The Royal Bond.”

For my first question for our interview I asked Keylee Hargis what inspired her to start writing, and here’s what Keylee had to say!

“At a young age, I grew a passion for reading. In doing so, it led me to have such an active mind with crazy ideas flowing through it. I wanted so badly to create a world of my own, so I started writing!”

One of my favourite parts, as a fellow writer, is building my own worlds! As we build magical worlds we also need to choose names and I’m always curious to see how each author selects the names of the stars in their shows.

“Oh my! Honestly, some of my character’s names I pulled right off websites like “Most powerful female names” lol! Some I loved hearing as I grew up and had to use as well. I even made up random ones!”

Keylee Hargis’ novel, “The Royal Bond,” is an exciting story about a werewolf, which I personally love right off the hop. The young female wolf has to make some difficult choices which leads her down an incredible path! With all these amazing scenes, I asked Keylee Hargis which was her favourite to write!

“I definitely love creating that bond between two characters who readers can fall in love with as well. There is something so magical about it I just can’t get enough of. Oh, and I’m also a hopeless romantic!”

The love scenes are my fave as well! I have just recently finished the third book of my trilogy, and I was so invested in the bond between my characters! It was so much fun! So, my next question for Keylee Hargis was where she gets her awesome story ideas, and her answer had me excited because that is exactly how I get my writing ideas!

“I get my best ideas when listening to music as I drive. I don’t know why, but some of my best books have come from sitting in my car as I drove somewhere jamming to some music! It always gets my mind going.”

I had a great time getting to know another fellow author, and I can’t wait to get into “The Bond Series” further! To conclude our interview I asked Keylee Hargis to tell everyone a bit about herself. Here is what Keylee had to say!

“I am currently 20 years old. I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I have an aussiedoodle named Callie, who is so precious and is definitely like my child. Outside of writing, I’m a full time college student majoring in English with a focus in creative writing (shocker, right?! lol!) I also write for Radish Media, which is a fun side job for my writing. I LOVE rock music, (but it has to be the classics) and I adore reading.”

A huge thank you to author Keylee Hargis for this interview! Keylee’s new book “Sacred Scars,” will be dropping in early 2022! In addition, the third book of her series “The Bond Series,” “The Power Bond” will be releasing in 2022.

I wish you all the best and I’ll be watching for your new release!

You can find more information about author Keylee Hargis, and her books, in the links blow!

Instagram ~ @keyleehargis_author

Tiktok ~ @author.keyleehargis (I post a lot of sneak peeks on there and funny videos!)

Author Keylee Hargis' books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers through the links below:

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