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Book spotlight

Welcome to Sara's Book spotlight, featuring a new indie author each week. Come join me for a weekly report on all the newest, most popular, indie books everyone is raving about!

Good morning everyone and welcome to this weeks spotlight!

I hope everyone had a great summer, and now that we're moving into fall, I have some more great book to talk about!

What are you willing to risk for happiness?

This week I'd like to put, Stevie D Parker in the spotlight for her novel, Wounds of Time

This was the first book in a long while that I can honestly say, I could not put it down!

Romance is not exactly my "go to genre" but I had come across this fantastic book and I'm so glad I did!

Stevie has a brilliant mind when it comes to keeping her readers hooked! The story told in the perspective of a wife, husband, and his young mistress, Stevie doesn't disappoint! The suspense of the lies, deceit, and shame is enough to suck you right into this 'real life' situation.

But the characters were so well developed that I felt real emotions for them, especially Vince!

Didn't think I'd be rooting for a cheating husband, but somehow this main character has a way of stealing your heart.

The twist at the end actually made me say: "Oh my god" out load, to no one! I couldn't believe how things took such a sudden, but amazing turn!

This is a quick, smooth read that will leave you talking, and thinking about it for days after, and to me, that's a job well done!

So for that, I gave Stevie D Parker a huge 5.0/5 stars!

I cannot wait to see what this brilliant author comes out with next, she is sure on my watch list for up coming releases!

That's all I have for this week! Come back next week for a new author in the spotlight. Until then, have a wicked awesome week!

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