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Interview with author K.C. Poitras!

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to this week’s featured author!

I was super excited and honoured to interview romance author K.C. Poitras!

I’ve had the great pleasure of chatting with author K.C. Poitras about her fantastic heartfelt novels, her amazing covers, and of course, her brand new release “Catching Fireflies”! But, before we get into that exciting news, I first wanted to know what sparked author K.C. Poitras’ interest in writing to begin with! Here’s what she says!

“I’d always wanted to write a book, one about my life. Though that book hasn’t happened yet, my fiancé encouraged me to write when I was laid off during Covid. It took months to sit down and try. Once I did the words flowed. Although unsure of the quality, I had a blast and excitement once again lit my soul.”

As a fellow author I have to agree with you - writing is definitely a blast and exciting! The worlds and people we get to create are fun, but stepping into someone else’s world is even better! Next in our interview I asked why author K.C. Poitras chose the romance genre! K. C. answers here!

“I always read romance novels as a young adult, dreaming and fantasizing that true love would sweep me off my feet. Reading took me to a happier place; I hope to touch others' lives by allowing them to escape to another place and time.”

I truly loved this answer! Because really, that’s what it’s all about as authors. Reaching the reader in an amazing way makes an author smile all day! 😉

Author K.C. Poitras has some steamy and heart touching scenes in her novels, so I was curious about her favourite type of scene to write. Here is what K.C. Poitras said!

“Steamy scenes flow like the wind, LOL, but I really like the challenging scenes that include tragedy, suspense, or a starting point to a dramatic, life-changing moment with my characters.”

LOL I had a feeling! K.C. Poitras has some beautifully written spicy scenes and that brought me to my next question for K.C. Where does she get all her incredible story ideas?! Here is K.C. Poitras’ answer!

“Haha – to be real - the best scenes, plots or overcoming writer’s block comes to me when I walk away. I’ll sit by the pool, have a smoke and whatever part I’m thinking about comes to me as I relax.”

I mean, really, it’s the best thing to do! I have to remind myself quite often that my work in progress is not going anywhere; it will still be there when I return, and there is no rush! LOL That doesn’t always work out that way for me. 😉 Next, I wanted to get all the juicy details from author K.C. Poitras! LOL so I asked if any parts of her novels are based on real events or people! Here’s what K.C. Poitras says!

“Yes, some parts are based on real life. Some I’ve lived through and others I’ve witnessed, heard about, or know of someone who has lived it. Mostly, the living experiences are places and moments written about in my books. I know that broad. LOL”

Absolutely! Slipping little things into our books is one of the best parts of being a writer! I always wonder if anyone would pick them up! I next asked author K.C. Poitras if she could tell everyone a bit about herself!

“Hilarious, but true… In “Chasing Fireflies,” the main female character works at a local grocery as a cake decorator. About six months after writing, by coincidence only, I started working at the aforementioned grocery as a decorator apprentice! I have been a dispatcher or worked in an office in the service industry most of my career. So, to end up writing about a decorator is sort of wild and unique. I live with the man of my dreams and our new puppy at our home in SW Florida. I have four kids, 6 grandchildren and am blessed beyond words with how my life has settled.”

Oh my goodness, how crazy is that! Sounds like it was meant to be! I’d like to give a huge thank you to author K.C. Poitras. I had an absolute blast getting to know another fellow author, and sharing these amazing titles with everyone! Now, my fave part, the new release! Author K.C. Poitras’ brand new release “Catching Fireflies” comes out on June 4th! Author K.C Poitras will also be at the Tampa Authors Convention with autographed copies to purchase!

You can find all of author K.C. Poitras’ books and more information at her links here!

Come and join me next Sunday for another featured author interview! We will be up close and personal with author Jen Simmons!

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