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Indiana Jones would be proud!Author interview

I’m so excited to introduce this week’s author, Pamdiana Jones!

California Girl Pam was always spontaneous, but then a 3 month trip overseas turned into an epic journey as she backpacked around the world SOLO for 3 years. Her sarcasm and optimism got her into and out of trouble through Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand in the 1990s.

Pre-internet days, Pam would sign her letters home as an homage to Indiana Jones and it stuck. For 25 years she's been told to write about her adventures, and she’s finally done it. Her debut book is a Comedy Travel Memoir called "When in ROAM" about all her hilarious and dangerous mishaps.

I’ve had quite the journey myself in the last week or so just getting to know author Pamdiana Jones, and finding out what crazy adventures she had been on! I have never traveled far from Canada, and couldn’t wait to know more about the world through this author’s eyes!

Author Pamdiana Jones has some incredible stories from her solo 3 year trip, and met some fasinating folks along the way. I wondered if she keeps in touch with the friends she met. Here’s what Jones says!

“I am still friends with half of them, and 99% of them gave permission for me to use real names and tell real memories, even if awkward and hilarious. For the other half of the characters I no longer am in touch with, I chose a similar name- usually stolen from the credits from the end of Hollywood movies- there are fantastic international names in there!”

That is a great way to choose a name for a book character!

I asked author Pamdiana Jones which moments and memories from her crazy trip were her favourite to write about in her book of adventures, and her answer made me want to learn more!

“As my comedy travel memoir is written in present tense I find the action sequences are the most fun to write - as I'm getting chased by a herd of wild elephants in Africa, as I'm scuba diving with a shark while my cut hand is gushing blood into the water in Australia, as I'm sleeping on top of a live volcano in Indonesia. The cover itself sets the tone for the entire book - me getting shoved from the bungee platform after I've just changed my mind about jumping! I feel as though I'm reliving those moments in my life as I write about them.”

Reliving those memories and turning them into the fantastic book ‘When In Roam’ must have been an exciting experience all on its own! I wondered how adventurous Pamdiana Jones enjoyed writing, and how long it took to put together such a great project.

“My greatest ideas come from peace and quiet. I've found the only times I can truly focus is in the middle of the night after my twins and husband have gone to sleep. The book took me 3 years to write and 2 more years to edit because of my unorthodox schedule.”

I’ve heard many stories from people about their adventures backpacking through Europe, going on safaris in Africa, or scuba diving somewhere tropical, and I’ve always admired that amazing sense of adventure! I wanted to know, since I’m such a homebody, what pushed Pamdiana Jones to take this incredible journey?!

“At that time in my life I had no job, no home, no partner, no kids, and I was open to the life of adventure, allowing myself to go where the wind blew me. And more often than not, it blew me into jungles, beaches, awkward culture awakenings, new jobs, trying every sport, learning about world politics, conspiracy theories, sciences, religions, fantastical foods, mysteries and warmth from new friends all over the world.”

If I had the chance of traveling to even one of the places Pamdiana Jones had the pleasure of visiting, I would want to know all about the culture, and especially the food! Lol

Author Pamdiana Jones has unbelievable stories in her book, ‘When In Roam’, but I asked if she could tell us about about her life aside from her dangerous, exciting adventures.

“I was 24 years old in the book when I left, and the worldwide lockdown in 2020 helped push me into polishing up the book, and finally publishing my story. I'm now 50 years old, married to an old high school boyfriend after 16 years apart. We are parents to a beautiful 11-year-old boy and twin girls and a fuzzy yellow lab retriever. We live in Laguna Beach, California, USA, and we think we can afford an international trip as a family every 3 years. So far we've taken the kids to Hawaii, Australia, Hong Kong, and Bali... We are hoping this continues to be a passion as a family unit. I think nothing brings us closer than when we feel alive with our loved ones.”

I think it’s absolutely wonderful that Jones is able to share these great trips with her husband and kids! What a beautiful way for children to learn about different cultures, religions, and of course, the food! So, I was curious if Pamdiana would soon have more adventure to share with the world?!

“I was a bit shy to share my writing as a new author, but I've gotten such a warm reception with "When in ROAM" that I've built my confidence and have begun writing travel memoirs 2&3, book 2 about traveling again with friends from book 1, and book 3 focusing on traveling with kids and hubby... There are enough hilarious "I-shouldn't-be-alive" moments to fill all the pages. And during the lockdown, to cure some of the boredom, I wrote 3 children's adventure books. My twins get sucked into a portal to meet Santa, then in book 2 they dissolve into their own shadows and have to ride an eagle to meet Pocahontas on July 4th, and in the third story they shrink down inside a friend’s body with the Tooth Fairy... I just need an illustrator and I can continue with the children's books as I have many more ideas.”

Author Pamdiana Jones’ travel memoir has made readers laugh, touched their hearts, and even inspired many to take their own journey! I’d like to share some of what her readers had to say about ‘When In Roam’! My personal fav is the ‘Indiana Jones’ 😉 Some of my all time favourite movies!

Thank you so much for this interview, author and adventurer, Pamdiana Jones! I had a great time getting to know you and talk about your book, ‘When In Roam’! I wish you and your family great and safe adventures!

Author Pamdiana Jones can be found under her pen name "Pamdiana Jones" in the spirit of the Indiana Jones adventure movies...

Her comedy travel memoir "When in ROAM" is available in paperback at

And eBook in Kindle Unlimited

Pamdiana Jones @


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