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Epic Series! Author Interview!

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this week’s featured author, AJ Hard!

Author AJ Hard started writing right after graduating high school. Although AJ loves to write, he started the book series “Shiver and Fears” for young readers who feel as though writing takes years. This helps encourage the youth to see the mistakes a lot of readers don't see, including illustration, edits, and story plots. AJ 's series, Shiver and Fears, has traveled from Amazon, to Barnes and Noble, to OKC libraries, to multiple sites and stores. AJ Hard is now at work on "Magical Times," a fantasy series about his family.

Inspired by the epic and unforgettable collection by R.L. Stine, AJ Hard wanted to put together his own twist on a fantastic series he called “Shiver and Fears,” aimed at young readers! And let me tell you, I was blown away when I had the chance to interview and get to know author AJ Hard and his work!

Since AJ Hard has such a unique and fasinating collection of spooky stories, my first question for our interview was what steered him toward the genre of his debut novel. Here is what author AJ Hard had to say!

“I started with an interest in mystery and wanted to combine it with cartoons, but the idea was too complex. I went after horror fiction because it was the genre I grew familiar with.”

Aside from romance, I’m a huge fan of horror, or anything spooky! The suspense is wild and thrilling! As I delved more into this fantastic series, I wondered what kind of scenes author AJ Hard liked putting together best. Here is his answer!

“Suspense. I enjoy the dangling struggle of suspense. My favorite part is to build the solution to what seems unfixable. I guess I enjoy the challenge.”

My next question for author AJ Hard was where he gets all of his amazing story ideas.

“Ideas come to me by the thought of fiction with a smidge of fear. What that means is my greatest ideas come from life. Adding imagination makes it interesting, then adding a creature/monster that makes the plot tell itself by asking who, what, when, where, and why.”

I absolutely loved AJ’s answer! Starting with real life then adding in the rest with imagination makes for an epic story, indeed! That brings me to my next question for author AJ Hard. I wanted to know if any parts of his stories were true, or created from real life events?!

“Some books feature real people. Those people are either fans who were interested in being involved or friends who enjoy the idea.”

Next I asked author AJ Hard to tell us a bit about himself, and day to day life! I absolutely love AJ’s passion for encouraging youth! Just amazing!

“I work daily as an elementary school teacher and part of the week as a tennis coach. I dedicate my time to the youth to encourage young minds and their colorful personalities. I spend my free time writing music and videos scripts.”

To conclude my interview with author AJ Hard, I asked if he had anything new coming out soon for his readers!

“Coming in 2022, two books are in the works. One will feature stories based on titles given by 3rd grade students. 7 lucky students will send me their horror story title and I’ll write them. My 2nd idea will feature the other 3rd graders who didn’t get their story published – they will have a chance to write their story themselves, and those stories will be published in the other book.”

I cannot wait to see how these stories from your students come out! What a wonderful idea to include your reading audience! Absolutely heartwarming!

I have personally started my own collection of “Shiver and Fears” for my little monsters to enjoy author AJ Hard’s epic stories!

“Shiver and Fears” is located on many book sites, including Barnes and Noble, Books a million, and Half price books. You can find “Shiver and Fears” on Instagram or YouTube or at:

Don’t forget to check out AJ’s YouTube videos! So fun and cool to watch! Click the links below for more information on author AJ Hard, and his wonderful series! If you were ever a fan of R.L. Stine, you will want to pick these up as well!

A huge thank you to AJ Hard for a fantastic interview! I had such a great time learning about “Shiver and Fears”! I wish you all the best, and keep doing what you do, AJ!

Keep an eye out for new releases by AJ Hard; they are going to be great!

Thanks everyone, and come back next week for a new featured author, Jude McLean!

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Jan 23, 2022

Sara Louisa your interviews are great, dine with care and excitement … they are brill xxx

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