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Author Stefanie Nici! Author interview!

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome back from the Easter break! I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

I’m super excited to announce this week’s featured author, Stefanie Nici!

Author Stefanie Nici is an only child who grew up living in a remote area. She passed the time by reading books and watching television with her dolls. Stefanie feels this awoke an imagination that drove her desire to create her own stories.

Through the years, her husband encouraged Stefanie to pursue her dreams. In 2019 she published her first novel, The Smoke Tree. The appeal readers found in the love interest of Tora and Matteo convinced Stefanie to write a follow up.

In 2020 she released The Smoke Tree: Broken Branches.

Active on social media and writing groups, she noticed many writers seeking advice on how to market their books. This made Stefanie feel it was important to share what she had learned along the way. Her latest book, a first for her in nonfiction titled, "How To Find Readers For Your Book", is her way of letting other writers know what works for her could work for them too!

After a lovely break I was thrilled to get right back to interviewing amazing authors! Of course, my first question for author Stefanie Nici was how she started writing in the first place. What was it that made her start writing down thoughts and ideas? Here is what author Stefanie Nici said in our interview!

“Growing up as an only child in a remote area, dolls, television, and books were my main sources of entertainment. Dialogue, reading and writing just seemed to come naturally, (and at an early age) which led me to creating my own stories.”

I grew up in somewhat similar circumstances. I have an older brother, but he was always off with his friends. LOL So, I made up my own stories as well!

Next in our interview I asked author Stefanie Nici what steered her towards writing in the romance genre. Here is what Stefanie says!

“I felt the need to share stories about the not so pretty side pertaining to women and their relationships with family, spouses, and friends. So, after all I put the MC through, I choose to gift her with the kind of romance we all dream of. Because in the end, all we really want is to live happily ever after.”

I have to agree, I love a happy ending! And, I’m sure everyone knows by now that I’m a huge sucker for romance! LOL

Author Stefanie Nici’s cover is absolutely stunning, and drew me in straight away! The story “The Smoke Tree” is emotional, heartwarming, and has a sweet happy ending! Sounds perfect! 😊 So, my next question for author Stefanie Nici was if could she tell us a bit about her own personal writing journey! Author Stefanie Nici explains here!

“When I decided to stick to one story in hopes of finally publishing, I joined writer’s groups on social media to get a feel for the environment. I was aware that not everyone out there is who they say they are, so we must be careful who we trust with our work and our money. Somehow, I was lucky enough to find an honest book cover designer who also agreed to help the best she could with proofing and edits. Once my book was published on Amazon, I was sure to share it all over social media. I worked full time and used any free time to work on my story. I am a panster, so while I do not plot things out on paper, or on a board, I do in my mind. I will take notes though, and jot down certain words or phrases, catchy dialogue I think of, so I can refer to it when I am writing.

After everything was said and done, it was time to find the readers. I have some tips and strategies on how to do that in the guide I wrote in 2021 titled, How to Find Readers for Your Book, available on Amazon or directly through me via DM.”

Oh yes, I have to agree with this! Definitely be careful at all times when on social media! I’m glad you were able to find this person because that cover really is fantastic! I too am a panster, and I say that proudly! LOL It’s all in my head! After looking into “The Smoke Tree” more and more I had to ask author Stefanie Nici where the inspiration for the story came from! Here’s what Stefanie says!

“The Smoke Tree” is an actual tree which is deceptive in appearance. Its large showy leaves change color throughout the season, and have clusters of tiny flowers, or hairs, which from a distance will look like puffs of smoke. The deceptive qualities reminded me that ‘Life is not always how we see it.’

I love that quote! It’s definitely perfect for the story “The Smoke Tree”! I actually have a smoke tree in my garden! My mom brought me a tiny piece a few years back, and it’s doing well! Next in our interview I asked author Stefanie Nici to tell everyone a bit about herself, and if she has anything new coming out soon!

“I live on Long Island with my husband, two sons and my mother who is still going strong at 86 years old!

This spring I plan to release The Wishing Stone. I am super excited about this romance as it is set in one of my favorite locations, Montauk, New York. The MC, Tess, who is going through a tough time in her life, spends a lot of her time there on the beach with her Australian Shepherd named Cooper.”

A huge thank you to author Stefanie Nici for such a wonderful interview, and for sharing her amazing journey with us! I wish her all the best, and can’t wait to see what she comes out with next!

Don’t miss your chance to ask author Stefanie Nici a few questions as well! Check it out!

Author Stefanie Nici’s closing statement!

“Below is my link tree. Stop by and say hi, ask a question and I invite you to follow me. I would like to thank you and those who took the time to be with us here today.”

Thank you to all the readers and reviewers out there! Come back next Sunday for another featured author! Author KC Poitras!

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