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The Naughty Parts of Romance! Author Interview!

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to this week’s featured author! Today’s interview is with erotic romance author, Faith M. Troyer!

I was of course super excited to talk about more romance books, and get into a little bit of erotica 😉.

My first question for author Faith M. Troyer was about how she got into writing in the first place; what was that initial spark that started it all? Here is what Faith M. Troyer had to say!

“What inspired me to start writing was a writing contest back in third grade. I was only eight years old and boy, was I excited! The first time I put pencil to paper and created my own world was incredible! And I haven't stopped since.”

I love that response! I too have been jotting down stories and thoughts since I was just a wee one. I actually remember the very first story I had written in school, about wolves...Go figure 😉. My next question for Faith M. Troyer was an extension of the first. I wanted to know what sparked her interest in the erotic genre. Here is Faith M. Troyer’s answer!

“I always loved reading romance books. Even as a kid I would read my grandma's romance novels, or pick out romance novels from the thrift store to read. Then as a teenager, YA romance novels became my favorite! I wrote YA up until a few years ago before writing my first woman's fiction/erotica book, “Lay Me Down.”

After meeting author Faith M. Troyer, I of course couldn’t resist looking into her romance books! The one that first caught my eye was, “I Turn To You.” So, I wondered where the story idea had blossomed from, and I wanted to know about Faith M. Troyer’s writing journey. Here is her response!

“I always wanted to write a ‘billionaire romances’ trope! They're fun to read and I thought it would be fun to write too. I had the idea of writing a male character who was jaded, lost, and heartbroken after losing his wife. But after meeting my female main character his world changes and his icy heart melts. Adam reminds me of the beast from “Beauty And The Beast” and Marsella is his Belle.”

I absolutely love a great twist on the classic “Beauty and the Beast!” A tender warm heart can always warm a cold one! For my next question, I asked author Faith M. Troyer if there were any parts of her novels that held any truth. Here is what she said!

“No, there are no parts that are true in “I Turn To You,” but I was inspired by true crime stories.”

Before concluding my interview with author Faith M. Troyer I asked her to tell everyone a bit about herself, and if she has anything new coming up for release!

“I'm a housekeeper for a nursing home. I love my residents very much and enjoy what I do. But that's my day job. When I come home I morph into Faith M. Troyer, Romance Author. I'm also a medical assistant and went to back to school in 2015 to earn my certificate. I'm from the US. 🇺🇸 West Michigan is my home state. I have a tabby cat. Her name is Lilly and she's my baby.”

“I just had a book come out! It is a BDSM Romance called “Teach Me A Lesson.” It's on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. I'll also have another book coming out in May called “Journey’s End: A Lost Kingman’s MC novel.” That will be my first motorcycle club novel and I'm super excited!”

I have all of my books available on Amazon!

You can find me on Instagram @faith_m_troyer romance author

A big thank you to author Faith M. Troyer! I had a great time with our interview and I wish you all the best!

Come back next week for a new featured author interview with Kay El Magnus! Author of children's books!

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