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Sweet Romance! Author Interview.

Good morning everyone and welcome to this week’s featured author! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

My interview this week was with romance author Louise Murchie! Louise’ debut novel “Gone Dutch” is a sweet romantic story that has landed her amazing reviews!

To start off the interview with Louise Murchie, I asked her what inspired her to start writing. Here’s what Louise had to say!

“A number of things: Lockdown 2020, not being able to find the books I wanted to read, stacks of sudden free time as we were now not able to go places and do things with friends.”

One of my favourite parts of leading these interviews is getting to know fellow writers, and learning how each of them write their scenes, or choose important details for a great story. I asked Louise Murchie what kind of scene she enjoys writing best.

“The love scenes take a few goes to get right! I tend to be factual to start with and those scenes take a while to get right, to put enough emotion into it. I write sweet with heat, so there’s a particular way we write the romance scenes. The action scenes in Dìonadair and Trodaiche were the easiest.”

Story ideas can hit writers in the strangest places sometimes, and I always love hearing each author’s answer! Here is what Louise Murchie had to say!

“Ideas usually come to me when I’m out walking the dog but I can get hit anywhere. Dìondair came to me 15 months after I’d written Trodaiche when IG and FB had their DNS outage. It was written in 5 weeks! Editing... took much longer.”

Louise Murchie’s novel “Gone Dutch” is a sweet, second chance romance that’s beautifully written. So, I asked Louise if there was any truth or life events that inspired the story.

“The fighting scenes are from experience, the love scenes... I need to learn to describe the feelings! *wink* But the scenery, Rotterdam, Edinburgh, the friendships... they are all things I’ve seen.”

To conclude my interview with author Louise Murchie, I asked her to tell everyone a bit about herself, and if she had anything new coming out soon!

“I’m Scottish, living in England, married to a guy who most of my heroes are based on: he saw me – he doesn’t underestimate me & doesn’t take me for granted.”

“Two! I’ve written an ex-military duet, Dìonadair and Trodaiche. The cover for Dìonadair was revealed on the 9th of December.”

A huge thank you to Louise Murchie! You can find more information and all of Louise Murchie’s touching stories on the link below!

I had the greatest honour of interviewing 11 diferent authors since starting my interviews back in October, and I can’t wait to continue in the new year!

Thank you so much to all of you who have participated, and helped make these interviews awesome!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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