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Heartfelt romance! Author interview

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to todays featured author, Iannah Roberts, writer of heartfelt, emotional, romance. I'm a huge sucker for romance, and was quite excited to be up close and personal with Iannah Roberts!

Iannah Roberts usually keeps her soul in the sand until its stolen to feed her need for angsty punishment. Super educator by day, by night Iannah is in pursuit of creating heroines who are on the mend and the hero’s that help heal their hearts with stories that light readers up from the inside out.

In precious spare time Iannah can be found at a game console on an epic quest to save the princess, inciting police chases and hunting for vaults or binge reading the newest heart wrenching tidbit on her kindle. Iannah, her husband and their daughter reside in Pennsylvania. You can find Iannah on Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads… in-between her search for the perfect Pokéball.

To kick off our interview, I had first asked was what had inspired her to start writing.

"Writing became an escape for me when I was a kid. I started off with poetry and then moved on to fanfic before I decided to write a book."

Also, I was curious where the story idea for her romance novel, Fight Song, had come from and if There was any personal elements to the story.

"There’s a lot of me in Fight Song. Some of Elle’s experiences were my own."

Iannah Roberts has just recently published her third novel!

Huge congratulations!!

I wondered if she already had the story idea for all three novels after Fight Song, or if each were a work in the making. Here is what Roberts says:

"Truthfully, it was only supposed a one and done. I wasn’t even going to publish Fight Song until some friends I made in a writer’s group encouraged me to publish. Then Lana wouldn’t shut up at the end of me writing FS and in my head it was supposed to be her and Ryder together. But they proved me wrong just from her prologue."

Iannah Roberts has touched her readers hearts with her beautifully written romance novels, but I wanted to know if there were any other genres in mind or in the making. Her answer was great! I love rom com!

"I debated of trying my hand at a mystery thriller but I’m not sure if I will. I do have a handful of romance (even a rom com!) books ready to be written."

My next question for Iannah Roberts was about what she enjoys reading! Being a fellow author of Sci-Fi and crime fiction, I actually enjoy reading romance the most! So, I asked Roberts what genre she reads.

"Romance suspense. The more heart stopping and emotional book, the better. I do also love rom coms though, which I find to be a good balance when I need something happy and funny."

Emotional heart stoppers are my favourite! And I have to agree, a little rom com once in a while is great as well.

Fight Song is a short novel about finding hope, joy, and forgiveness. It is the first book in the Firefly series and can be read as a standalone. You can find all three in the Firefly series in the links below!

Huge thank you to Iannah Roberts for this interview and sharing her touching stories!

I wish you all the best and can't wait to see what you come out with next!

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