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Heartfelt poetry with a beautiful cause! Author interview

Good afternoon everyone. Today’s featured author has put together a most beautiful collection of poetry, images, and short stories, supporting a great cause! Author Francis H Powell is married, has raised one son, and is the youngest of five siblings. He grew up on a farm, and has lived in Austria and in France for over twenty years. Together Behind Four Walls, completed by Francis H Powell was put together to support and help raise money for Marie Curie Nurses charity.

Marie Curie nurses are the one who provide hands on care out in the community, and in hospice settings. Their job is to care for patients with all terminal illnesses. This means even during the COVID 19 pandemic. These nurses are some of our frontline workers, risking their own safety to care for others. Having someone dear, and close to me who is currently involved with our community hospice, I was delighted to interview Francis H Powell. My first question was what had inspired Francis H Powell to start writing?! Francis says: “I used to know a writer called Rupert Thompson, I loved his style of writing. I was at art college at the time. A long time after while living in Paris, I started writing short stories. In Paris I was painting, doing music, writing poetry and other creative activities. I have been writing on and off for about 30 years.”

I know everyone had a tough time during lockdowns and the entire pandemic all together, so I had asked author Francis H Powell, what the journey was like putting together Behind Four Walls. “During the first lockdown, I felt inspired to write poetry, short stories and do drawings, as a way of getting through the situation. This evolved into the idea of putting together an anthology. I started asking friends to contribute and then at a point I contacted as many well known writers, poets, celebrities as I could to contribute. Some people never answered, but some did. It has been a very roller coaster type journey. I had a publisher, signed a contract, then was let down, so I was pushed into self publishing. I have found some great contributors and supporters and help from various people including a graphic designer and Sarah Houldcroft of Goldcrest Books who made it possible to get the book finally published. I discovered publishing a book is not easy and there can be lots of bumps along the way.”

Being an author myself, I found writing was an excellent way to keep me busy during lockdowns and getting through the worst of the pandemic. So, I had asked Francis H Powell to explain his own experiences.

“I consider, so far I have been fairly lucky. Having a garden and the possibility to go for walks, was a major bonus. There were not too many cases where I live. My son was affected, like many children. He had home schooling for a time and recently a week when he couldn't go to school due to a covid case. I had to work at home and get used to teaching with “Teams”. I wasn't able to go back to the UK and it is a while since I have seen my family.” My own family also had to learn new programs and make many changes for our kids in school. The schools where I am had shut down and the kids were learning online.

Francis H Powell has some beautifully written poetry throughout Together Behind Four Walls, and I wondered where the inspiration comes from, and how many pomes he has under his belt, published and unpublished work. “I write different styles of poetry, depending on my mood and what is going on in my mind at the time. I write about my life, my family and even my dog. Nature does often inspire me, I live in a particularly beautiful part of Brittany, not far from the sea.”

“I would say off the top of my head a few hundred. Some might be short and unfinished.

I have written a poem recently called “Cast of Millions” it is about mental health issues, hopefully it will get published.”

Author Francis H Powell has touched hearts, and genuinely helped many people get through a difficult time with his stories and poetry. So, I was curious if he was going to dabble in other genres, perhaps a full novel some day. Here’s what Francis had to say!

“I have written a political spoof that I hope will be published some time soon. I have tried writing children's stories and I hope these will get published.”

I’m excited to see what Francis H Powell come out with next!

Although the world seems to be slowly getting back to somewhat of which we call “Normal”, we should always remember those who risked their lives on the frontlines through this terrible pandemic we have all had to get through together.

Huge thank you to author Francis H Powell! I wish you all the best and look forward to reading more of your fantastic poetry!

Together Behind Four Walls, more information about Marie Cures nurses, and Francis H Powell can be found here on his website!

Instagram @togetherbehindfourwall

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