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Fantasy at its best! Author interview

I’m so very pleased to introduce fantasy author Josephine Wrightson! Stick around until the end, Josephine has a nice treat for everyone!

I was absolutely thrilled to interview Josephine, not only because I love fantasy, but because I also thoroughly enjoyed her books!

I’ve read four of Josephine’s books, and can’t wait to read more. I was excited to learn more about her and her books in our interview together.

Josephine Wrightson’s bio:

She lives in north Devon, in a beautiful rural cottage with her family. With her hubby and two girls there is much inspiration all around her. As well as rolling green hills and forests, she is doubly lucky to have beautiful beaches and the tumultuous coastline nearby. Those lush surroundings inspire so many tales! Josephine has been writing for more years than she cares to admit. She started in her early 20’s, and before then did a lot of reading, pretty much anything and everything. However, as with many of us, life got in the way and encouragement was lacking, so her ambition got shelved, or more to the point packed into a case. After a strange couple of years, with the help and encouragement of her children and a great husband, who Josephine admits is her very own ‘hero’, decided to pick it up again, this time with a renewed vigour and determination because life is very often too short. Becoming an indie publisher was her goal. And this is where she sits now, having written and published 13 fantasy books. Josephine much prefers fantasy romance because within fantasy you can just let your imagination run wild. Josephine also admits to having learned so much from many other brilliant writers who have offered advice, that she is re-editing all her books. So far, she has managed to do 6 of the 13 and at present is working on the 7th. She has delved into many different genres under the umbrella of fantasy romance, admitting she is addicted to romance and all its sauciness, including science fiction, gothic, dark paranormal, devils and demons, monsters and angels. All of those sub genres have their very own intimate stories. ‘The Chronicles of Araceli’ was the first one Josephine published and is one of the books she has just re-edited. It combines science fiction and alien contact romance…

Having read Josephine’s books, I noticed she chooses unique names for her characters, some of which I’d never heard before! I suppose when it comes to naming demons, angels, and monsters of all kinds, they would need to be unique. Josephine says:

“Sometimes that is easier than others. I have a list of names I like, which I refer to. But other times a name just crops up that fits, as if the characters have already decided. In ‘Broken Fears’ the names for the characters came from my readers. Baraken & Kalista.”

Josephine Wrightson’s books have a bit of everything! Action, fight scenes, suspense, and of course some saucy love scenes! I asked Josephine which are her favourite to write.

“It is about the entire story. But I do like to build the tension and try to describe the feelings and emotions building between my characters. I’m really into the angst of my heroes. That first meet, then the first kiss until finally they are together… lol! That can sometimes be the hardest piece to write, without being crude or crass about feelings turning into actions. I do think for my women the whole sex drive thing starts with a glance, a look. Very much feeling it within our minds first and foremost, then the physical will follow easily. So maybe the most difficult scene to write could be my favourite.”

The books I’ve read of Josephine’s were her sci-fi/alien contact romance. Brilliant, wild, out-there stories that I just could not put down! So, I had to ask where Wrightson gets her incredible ideas!

“My ideas just come to me sometimes. It could be a phrase, a picture, the beautiful mists I see as I walk, the sea crashing against the rocks when we visit the beach. There is so much inspiration around me. I plot when I iron… lol

Again, ‘Broken Fears’ came from a picture.”

Being a writer myself, I know there are bits and pieces of the truth, or reality in fiction books, even if only small details. I asked Josephine if there are any parts of her stories that have real events, or people in them. I loved Josephine’s answer to this question. Lol! She has an amazing personality!

“Erm, lol! Not sure I should answer this question! Lol! This would give away all my secrets! Lol! But the answer is yes, very much so, there is within my fiction a lot of fact. They are things that I have seen, known or that are.. tattoos, for a start. (Runes) in my books. I know what your real event is, Sara Louisa.

I write a lot more for the older lady; my heroines have much life experience under their belts. So in that there is a lot of reality within the fantasy. Bad relationships, children, life and death, all which are fact.”

I asked Josephine about her home life, family and support.

My husband is also my own personal ‘hero’ as well, Josephine! We also have 4 children. I should have asked her how she is able to write having such a busy life?! Lol!

Josephine says:

“I am no spring chicken, being 53, another reason I write for the older lady. I have 4 children in total, 2 older boys who have left home, being 32 & 30. The 2 girls at home are 16 and 13, the youngest of whom is autistic and fabulous; life is not boring with her. I have actually used this in one of my stories, ‘Veiled Destiny’ so in answer to the previous question, yes, there is a lot of reality in there. I’m British, and now live in Devon, a beautiful part of the UK. We have no pets at present because my daughter has a thing about noise and fast movements, of which birds are the absolute worst for her. I did own a white Siberian wolf called Z for 16 years and he was fantastic. I have never gotten another after him. My hubby is brilliant and supports me in all I do. In fact recently he had a video made by an older actress I love. She starred in a British comedy, ‘Birds of a feather.’, which is so funny - even the later episodes done as specials where they are older and the kids are grown, anyway. He had Lesley Joseph congratulate me and say how proud they were of me.”

Josephine has a large collection of great books to choose from, but I was curious if she would have something new coming out in the near future.

Josephine comments:

“I will have lots of new stories waiting in line to be finished. But at present I am re-editing, having learned so much and working my way through them all. It is a bit of a feat and I will probably be still at it until next year. But I’m on number 7 of the 13, and loving how they’re turning out!”

I had a great time getting to know Josephine, and I can’t wait to read more of her books!

You can find more info on author Josephine Wrightson, and her books at the following links! Josephine would also like to invite you all to her Facebook page! Give her a LIKE, and receive a complimentary free eBook!



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Huge thank you to Josephine Wrightson! I wish you all the best, and look forward to reading more of your books!

If you are an author and would like to be featured in my author interviews, please contact me here on my website!

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