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Dark Romance Author Wynter Adams Interview!

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to this week’s featured author!

I’m honoured, proud, and I have to admit, a little giddy about today’s author interview. She has quickly made her way into my very own personal list of top favourite authors of all time.

Dark romance, thriller, and horror author, Wynter Adams!

Author Wynter Adams grabbed my attention quite quickly on social media with her fantastic trailers, unbelievable book covers, and seat gripping blurbs, so I had to check out her books for myself. The first one I decided to read was “Knock Knock” and let me tell you, I’ve never read anything quite like it, but in a crazy good way! LOL

The suspense was insane, and I can see why author Wynter Adams has become known for her shocking, “OMG!” plot twists and scenes! After reading “Knock Knock” I immediately moved on to the sequel, reading both books in just a few days! (That’s a record for me). Wynter’s writing style blew me away, made me feel as if I was watching a fantastic horror/thriller movie, and even inspired me as a fellow author. But I’m not the only one who thinks so: you can view my review, and the many other 5 star reviews Wynter has here! Anyways, enough about me, and on to the author interview you all came for!

So, as always, my first question for every author is why/how they started writing in the first place. What inspired the first thought to page? So to speak 😉 Here is what author Wynter Adams says!

“What inspired me to start writing was my search for any outlet to filter from the depression I was currently in. I had just managed to escape a very abusive relationship, which left me not even a shell of my former self. I started initially jotting poems down as a way to document the pain I was going through, rather than journaling it. I ended up looking online for other poems of a similar nature that were as dark as mine. That's when I discovered the popular platform Wattpad. I loved it! It wasn't just a platform to write on, because I actually ended up making some pretty good friends on there, and found I could talk to and sympathize with others just as broken as me. I enjoyed reading a lot of the free books on there too; it took me away from my horror, and into another world instead. It wasn't soon after that I decided to try my luck at writing a book myself. My first book got over 75,0000 reads on the platform, and I was honestly shook! I was also hooked! Because the more I wrote, the more I delved into the fantasy world my mind created, the more inspired I felt, and the less the pain hurt that I'd been through. Writing fast because my drug, a beautiful addiction from the real world, and the only place that since then has ever truly made sense. My writing world is where I go to escape, and it's beautiful, because it's a different adventure each time.”

I have to agree, writing is definitely the perfect escape. As is reading, of course. But as an author, it’s a whole world we get to create, then bring others in afterwards to enjoy that fantasy world as well. 😊

After reading the first few Wynter Adams books, I knew one of my questions for our interview would be what it was that piqued her interest to write in the dark romance, thriller genre? And I absolutely loved her answer! Check it out!

“What steered me to write Dark Erotica/Romance is the heightened indulgent feel it gives you. Every movie I've watched, or scene I've ever written, my mind and body grew more alert during the erotica (in a respectful way). I feel more in touch with that genre because I too desire the intense feeling it gives you, as in it's passionate, loving, sometimes dangerous, and with it comes a variety of emotions that entertain well on paper, and intoxicatingly stimulates both the mind and soul. Plus, whenever I wrote a sexy scene in my books on Wattpad, my readers would always always beg for more, stating that I wrote them exceptionally well. Humbled by my audience requests, I wrote a few more 'daring' books, and was getting close to 150,000 reads on each. Naturally I began thinking...yep, this is definitely the genre for me. But to note, I also write psychological thrillers, light romance, even horror!”

Next in our interview, I asked author Wynter Adams to tell us all a bit about her own personal writing journey! From thoughts to novels!

“My writing journey officially began on Wattpad, but I first and foremost credit a lot of my style and passion to my love of Tarantino movies! All you have to do is watch one of his films to understand why. His raw love, passion, and dedication in his movies not only allow for the telling of a great epic story, but richly shows the intricate attention to detail he puts in to bring that story to life and make it authentic. I will forever hold him as my number one inspiration in creativity. However, I credit the platform Wattpad for giving me that first step in the door to the literary world, and the amazing experience I got from it! I was not only able to meet other budding authors like myself, but also made some wonderful friends whilst I was there. I wrote only for fun, for an outlet to curb my stresses and anxiety which sometimes felt like they were swallowing me whole. But the joy I would feel when writing and publishing my books, then reading the feedback from people who enjoyed them too, was an irreplaceable feeling! I also learned to structure and create my first ever book covers during that time, which again, I'm happy to announce my designs were also received very positively on the platform. I wrote 15 books in total on that site, some of which I have published today (The 'Knock Knock' series, 'Rose In Paradise' also 'The Cliq' and 'Bittersweet' and finally 'Scandal After Dark' - with others I've written set to come out later this year). The process was a fun one because I'd use every waking second, and every method I had to constantly keep my mind sharp, and write my books. I'm talking walking to and from work recording ideas with a Dictaphone in my hand. Also, I'd travel every day with a heavy notepad on my shoulder to work on during breaks, then when I was home I would open the computer and type up everything I wrote. My favourite process though, and the one I still use so richly to this day, is Method Writing. This is the mental 'role play' method (similar to that of a method actor) where I transform and become a character in my mind. Think like them, talk like them, act like them. I've made the mistake sometimes of forgetting to turn my character off when leaving the house, and let's say I've raised a few people's concerns, lol. My most interesting experience with Method Writing was when writing “Knock Knock.” Damn! To become a man is one thing, but to delve into the deepest darkest realms of my mind, to create the savage male characters required for that book, was an insane mind fuck that had me shook for weeks after! I do my research well with any book I write, and credit also my intense concentration and understanding of characters, to my love and study of psychology and criminology.”

Tarantino’s films are some of my all time favourite movies! He is uniquely brilliant! And when it comes to the role play of a character, I do the same when trying to get into the mind of my character since I write in first person point of view - even with male characters. But I could not imagine diving into the minds of some of Wynter’s characters! LOL.

Wynter’s books made me think of some of the best psychological movies around like “Seven.”

“Knock Knock” would make for a killer horror/thriller, and the scariest part is that people like Wynter’s characters actually exist in the real world! So this brings me to my next question for author Wynter Adams: where did she come up with the terrifying story idea for “Knock Knock”?! Here is what Wynter says!

“The story idea for “Knock Knock” came after watching the previously banned movie "I Spit On Your Grave'' which I bought not long after ending things with my abusive ex, as the film had since been un-banned, and was being brought out on DVD as a double disc edition with the new remake of the movie at the same time. I'd heard a lot about this movie and the reasons it was banned, which was due to the savage rape scenes which back in those days of cinema was just unheard of!! was the revenge side of it that attracted me, as somewhere in my hurt and anger over my ex, I knew I was going to enjoy watching the men suffer as a result of one women's justified revenge. I needed something like that to satisfy me at the time, and after watching both movies (the remake being one sick AF awesome movie!!!) I knew I had to write something shocking like that! Only I wanted to make mine sexier, and with an awesome twist at the end, which on Wattpad I was richly credited as "The Unique Author With A Twist" due to the crazy, jaw-dropping plot twists I'd always end my books with. The “Knock Knock” series ended up becoming my most read books on the platform.”

LOL. That was exactly what I said! "Holy shit balls!" And, I have to admit, I think the revenge side was one of my favourite parts of the “Knock Knock” series! And since it’s my blog, I selfishly asked author Wynter Adams if there’s going to be a third “Knock Knock.” LOL 😉

“I've not made any plans to create a third book in the series, as sometimes it's good to leave things in their glory. Although, I did consciously leave the ending 'open' if I ever did want to revive it and create a third book.

And now, with its success, and scaling myself to the number #1 best-selling position on in Erotic thrillers/horror/suspense, and #2 on in the same genre, along with a TON of readers since eagerly begging I do a third, it is now DEFINITELY something I am considering...

Again, I prefer not to give any hints away as to where I've been thinking of taking a third book (plus not wanting to give any spoilers away to those who haven't read it yet) but, I have given it multiple 'Twist Of Fate' shock endings, and I will definitely be addressing my characters’ loyalties to one other, the future of Amber Louise, and...a new, more deadly character that will make Mackenzie and Jake look like marshmallows compared to what they do!! *Wynter smiles mischievously...*

First of all, congratulations on keeping your spot as number one on Amazon! This is well deserved! Second, I couldn’t even fathom a villain more dangerous than Jake, but especially Mackenzie! If you ever decide to continue the story you know I’ll be in line to grab it and add it to my collection!

I have had the great pleasure of chatting with author Wynter Adams a few times now, and was excited to ask her to share a bit about herself with everyone!

“A bit about myself, well... I was born, and currently reside in London, England. I'm an only child, and honestly wouldn't have it any other way, lol. I wasn't spoiled, but I was able to grow up in peaceful surroundings without the addition of siblings, which I'm grateful for, as I believe it helped shape my natural love of creativity, what with having to create my own entertainment when Mom was at work. I attended private school most of my young life, with the dream of one day becoming a famous actress! Lol, aah how sweet to look back now in memory at the glitzy Hollywood life I wanted as a kid. I since found work in various places, my last being a senior supervisor role at a top London hotel, which I was unfortunately made redundant from, along with around 800 plus colleagues due to the pandemic. But it was during furlough, and the concerns of what the future would hold if I ever did lose my job made me decide to level up my writing with the hopeful goal of turning those 75-150,000 reads I had on Wattpad, into REAL readers, where I could hopefully one day make a living doing what I love. Everything about the literary world that I know I'm proud to say I've taught myself, including creating my own website, formatting, graphic design (book covers, promotional e-posters, trailers) marketing, the works! And while I'm amateur right now at best, the skills I've learned from redundancy are slowly but surely paving that path to fulfill my dreams of becoming a full time writer, and entertaining others with the books I write.

I have no pets, but would really love a puppy who I'd name Texas, lol, given my love of everything country music!”

Well, you’ve definitely entertained me! A few times now, actually, which brings me to my next question for author Wynter Adams: Does she have anything new coming out?! Here’s what Wynter said!

“I have a TON of new stuff coming in the future, including my next book "Release The Hounds," a dark and sexy shifter romance that alpha werewolf lovers everywhere are truly going to enjoy! I'm also working on my very first MC series called "Outlaws & Renegades" which very much has a stylish Tarantino spin to it readers will love! (Free previews and information on all my upcoming works are over at my official author website:

I already knew about “Release The Hounds.” I was counting down the days! Have it downloaded, and started it last night! Check this out!

I’d like to give a huge thank you to author Wynter Adams for taking the time to do this fantastic interview with me! I wish you all the best, sweetheart, and I can’t wait to see what you come out with next! Oh, and I’ll be sure to let you know what I think of “Release The Hounds”! 😉

To find author Wynter Adams and all her amazing books, click the links below! Be sure to check out Wynter’s trailers. They are incredible!





Oh, and one more thing. I was waiting for today to leave this for Wynter Adams...

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