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Books for the little ones! An author interview

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to this week’s featured author! Today’s interview is with author Kay El Magnus!

Kay El Magnus - Author, Motivator, Father of three. Dedicated to creating works everyone can enjoy. As a Multi-Genre Author, his mission is to ensure that children and adults receive a Healthy and High Quality Reading Experience that is enjoyable, educational, and equally inspiring! Some of his many works include beautiful children's books!

To kick off my interview with author Kay El Magnus, I first asked him what had sparked his interest to start writing in the first place, and his answer was fantastic! Here is what he had to say!

“I've always been good at writing--in my earlier years mainly poems and a few short stories, but the birth of my first child, Alexandria, truly inspired me to begin my journey as an author.”

Author Kay El Magnus has dabbled in poetry, short stories, and much more. For my next question I wondered what steered Kay El Magnus to the children’s action/adventure genre. Here is what Kay El Magnus had to say!

Growing up, a few of my cousins, uncles, and I were big movie buffs and video game enthusiasts (myself finishing over 300+ games across a number of gaming systems), and I've always believed I could make something just as exciting, dynamic, and cool as those guys that people would enjoy--and I have.”

I have to admit, I’m a huge movie buff and gamer myself! When I have time, that is! Lol! I think you have me beat, though, with over 300 games!

Next I asked author Kay El Magnus where the story idea for “The Legend of Alexandria Wilheart: Origins of Strife” came from! Here is a little about Kay El Magnus’ journey!

“Well, a combination of a few things inspired the creation of T.L.O.A.W.: *My love for four-star action/adventure movies. *My firstborn child Alexandria (who’s always played a pivotal role in my inspiration). *My strong affinity and love for female heroes. One of my favorite movies growing up was called The Princess Bride--great movie--it had a princess (obviously), a masked hero, some cool rogues and villains, and plenty of action and drama. I used to watch it repeatedly. And although the princess in the film wasn't the hero, movies of that class and calibre more than likely served psychologically as a progenitor for the inspiration behind T.L.O.A.W.”

I too have a great love for a strong female lead, or hero! Many movies were the inspiration behind my female main characters as well! My next question for author Kay El Magnus was if any parts of his books were inspired by true events. Here’s Kay El Magnus’ answer!

“Maybe in a past life 😊. In all seriousness, the death of Wendell Garvin's father, the "co-hero" in my novel, is drawn directly from my own experience and the loss of my father at an early age. It is said by many writers, whether consciously or unconsciously, that we put bits of ourselves into our story’s characters, and I am no exception.”

Real life experiences always make for a great story, and I absolutely agree that we as writers definitely do add a few tidbits of ourselves into our work! To conclude my interview with author Kay El Magnus I asked him to tell everyone a bit about himself, and to let us know if he had anything new coming out, or a WIP (work in progress) he wanted to share! Here are author Kay El Magnus’ closing words! “I'm from America and I have three great children: one girl, two boys, ages 17, 15 and 13. No pets, although I do love cats and dogs. I am a part-time self defense teacher, and a full-time author/entrepreneur with a few creative works under my belt: *My children's book series, 'The Adventures of Darla and Mickey' vol. 1 The Bird Fountain, and vol. 2, Raven Midnite. *A children's nursery rhyme eBook titled 'What Do Babies Dream?' *Of course my long-time-in-the-making, action-packed fiction novel, 'T.L.O.A.W.: Origins of Strife.' *And last but not least, 5 volumes of my digital photography book series, 'The Natural World Around Us.' All of which can be purchased on Amazon.”

“I'm currently fleshing out part two of the Alexandria Wilheart series. If all goes well, I will have it completed within a year’s time. I'm also creating an affirmations channel coming soon on YouTube under the name Magnus Manifestations, so everyone please subscribe, like, and share. The support will definitely be appreciated.” That’s fantastic news! I’ll be sure to check out the YouTube channel!

A huge thank you to author Kay El Magnus! I wish you all the best on your writing journey!

For more information on author Kay El Magnus and his incredible books, visit his website here! My Instagram is: kayelmagnus, Facebook: Kay El Magnus, and Twitter: @klmagnus And again, all of my wonderful works can be found on

Come back next Sunday for a new featured author! Up close and personal with author Adrik Kemp!

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