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Author Adrik Kemp! Author interview!

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to this week’s featured author!

Today’s interview is with author Adrik Kemp!

Adrik Kemp’s short stories have been published all over the world, in publications such as Aurealis Magazine, OUTStanding & Transmundane Press. He has two erotic vampire novellas with Pride Publishing, but don’t hold that against him.

Adrik is a bent Australian writer with a vested interest in LGBTIQ+ culture. He is proud to be an active part of the community. He also writes genre short stories, usually with an LGBTIQ+ perspective. He identifies as gay but doesn’t mind being called queer, and happily lives in Sydney with his husband, Carl De Villa.

I was honoured and excited for my interview with author Adrik Kemp, being a huge sucker for vampires! 😉 LOL

My first question for author Adrik Kemp was what first sparked his interest in writing! Here is what he had to say!

“Ever since I was a kid I have been an avid reader. I would forgo nap time in favour of a book and always had a shabby second-hand paperback in hand during school so it was only natural that I would move to writing at some point in my life.”

I too would normally have a book hanging out of my backpack as a kid! I like to say it’s a passion from birth! 😊

Next in our interview, I asked author Adrik Kemp what inspired his interest in writing in the supernatural/romance genre.

Here’s what Adrik Kemp had to say!

“For me, it was about writing in the MLM (men loving men) sector of supernatural romance. I understand and support the many authors of MLM out there, but I wanted to contribute some work as an ‘MLM’ myself from my perspective. I suppose that’s why my work is a little less romantic than some others!”

Author Adrik Kemp’s “Blood of The Land” is a LGBTIQ romance with sexy vampires, and steamy love triangles! So my next question for author Adrik Kemp was how he came up with this fantastic story idea! Here’s Kemp’s answer!

“The story idea for “Blood of the Land” came from my surroundings. I’ve always been fascinated with monsters and horror, and vampires come with the territory. But I’ve seen very few works set in Australia that also deal with vampires. So, I wanted to bring an Australian feel to a European legend.”

Before concluding my interview with author Adrik Kemp, I asked if he could tell us a bit about himself, and if he had anything new coming out soon!

“I live in Sydney, Australia with my husband, Carl De Villa, who is a singer. I also work with Queer Screen on the Mardi Gras Film Festival, which is held every year.”

“I am working on a follow-up to “Blood of the Land” and “Blood of the City”, continuing the tale, but at the moment it’s very early stages. In the meantime, I have some short stories out which are available on my website.”

A huge thank you to author Adrik Kemp for an amazing interview! I wish you all the best on your writing journey, and look forward to any new releases!

You can find author Adrik Kemp at the links below!

Thanks for checking out this weeks featured author! Come back next Sunday for a full interview with author Tirza Schaefer!

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